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Never falling off, safe and reliable.

Today's school safety related to the healthy growth of the next generation, the well-being of millions of households, and the whole society can be related to the prosperity and stability.

School Safety

The state attaches great importance to the safety of the campus building, has banned the use of ceramic tile for wall decoration. The new material Vanjoin flexible tile is the ideal choice of mordern campus decoration, with the outstanding features of lightweight, flexible, safe, anti-seismic, fire resistant, waterproof, anti cracking, impact resistant and short construction period.

School Safety

The Ministry of Education announced the list of national colleges and universities in 2015. There are 223,700 kindergartens in the country, 190,500 primary schools, 52,400 junior schools (including 22 vocational junior high schools), a total number of 24,900 schools of the national high school education, 2560 ordinary colleges and universities in the country, 1219 of which are undergraduate colleges.


More and more hospitals are pending to be constructed in China, people pay higher attention to the inner and outer environment and facilities now. Plenty of hospitals are under construction, the safety problem of hospital construction is highly concerned

School Safety

Vanjoin flexible tile adopts natural modified mineral powder as aggregates, green plant fiber as the reinforced materials. Vanjoin flexible tile has a lot of excellent performances like natural and zero pollution, no radiation, no release, waterproof, anti-bacteria, and fireproof to Level Al. It' s much safer than other decoration materials.

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