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Old City Reconstruction

Since the 80's of last century, the real estate industry of China has developed rapidly under the catalysis of "Market". From 1978 to 1998,multi-storey residential buildings have sprung up all over the country and become a representative of that time. Although Chinese real estate market has entered into a new stage since 1988, small high-rise housing began to appear, which looked tall and fashionable, nowadays are very backward and dilapidated in 2017,even many of them have potential safety problems.

Old City Reconstruction

As time goes by and the development of society, the old buildings will gradually be out of the stage of history, the renewal of the old has become a problem we have to face.

In 2015, the old city renovation area was about 50 million square meters, up to more than 60 million square meters in 2016, ano continued to growing by an average of 20%. This means a large number of houses and old buildings are needed and are undergoing reconstruction.

Old City Reconstruction

Vanjoin flexible tile is superior new exterior decoration material with short production cycle, low transportation cost and fast construction speed. Besides, it can be used directly on cement base layer, ceramic tile base layer, stone base layer, paint base layer and lacquer layer. Thus, it can reduce the cleaning work to eradicate the old base, and greatly improve the efficiency of the old city reconstructon project.

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