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Commerical Street
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Different from the sole mall or bazaar in the early stage, commercial street is a major place for people to gather. It lays in East-west direction, and the symmetrical layout is on the center axis of entrance, the building facade is made a new division of space by towers, arcades, rain cover elements. Indoor space has set up a centralized business. but also scattered shops, which is organic combination ofwestern modern malls and traditional Chinese shops.

Commercial Street

With the development of the city, large-scale commercial centers have been built all over the country, and still continue to be built.High-level commercial street will be integrated into the local cultural characteristics, and build the commercial street with the theme, such as the Hong Kong Dutch Food District (The Replica of British Soho District), ShanghaiXintiandi (The classic of classics), Chengdu Narrow Alley (Different life perception), Foshan Lingnan Tiandi (Gathering local culture together).


It is clear that the style of commercial street buildings must be fully fit for the theme of business characteristics. But when facing the requirements of various theme, all kinds of style and a variety of modeling of the building, which kind of building material can perfectly show the effect of the design?

Commercial Street

Vanjoin Flexible Tile facing decorative materials has flexible texture, which can fit the shaped wall very well. Various colors and styles can meet the needs of different themes, and with features of convenient transportation, low construction costs, easy installation, it has been widely used by many large commercial centers.

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