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Prefabricated House
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Prefabricated House

Prefabricated House

Brief introduction of the prefabricated house:

1.Description : Economic House 69.3㎡
2.Layout : 1 living room ,2 bedrooms with 1 porch of area 21.63㎡. Without steel structure frame as support
3.Wall & roof specification :
(1) Internal wall : 90mm EPS cement sandwich wall panel
(2) External wall : 120mm EPS cement sandwich wall panel
(3) Roof : Color steel EPS sandwich board: C-shape steel structure

Vanjoin Housing System:

Our House/Villa/Projects are built with light steel structure and EPS cement sandwich Panel. We provide everything (one-package house and service), like doors, windows, electrical, paints, tiles, toilets, cabinets, etc. and could send engineers to ensure turnkey projects.

Features & Advantages:

1. Seismic resistance: grade 8
2. Wind load: grade 13
3. Fast & easy construction
4. Long life span: 60-70 years
5. Advanced heat insulation & preservation mode
6. Eco-friendly, Energy-saving
7. Excellent sound-proof, water-proof, fire-proof
8. Suit for all kinds of climatic zone
9. Custom-made service is provided.

What you can get from us?

1. Steel Structure: steel structure special designing and processing (to suit with EPS panels)
2. EPS cement sandwich panel (for wall, roof, and floor)
3. All construction & decoration materials & furniture are strictly selected.
4. Designing & Installation drawings (in details)
5. Full support in installation technology & guidance
6. Engineers' guidance on-site in your place is available
7. Custom-made service is available.

What do you need to do?

1. Send us your house CAD drawings. (Then we will make a detail calculation)
2. If you don't have any drawings, just kindly advise us your requirement. Then we can make the design and drawing for you.
3. Kindly advise us your expected house decoration level, Simple, Medium, or Exquisite.
4. Arrange your local workers to install it.

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